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“The King James translation of the Bible is considered the greatest piece of literature in English. Its language supposedly represents the ultimate in using the King English. Well, Shakespeare language and the Bible language are one and the same. It also serves as an audio output for your computer. Finally, the Yeti also features XLR connections, which make it possible to connect the mic to a pre amp and record traditionally. It also records at 24 bit resolution, which makes it a stand out in the world of USB mics..

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A keen understanding of quantitative statistical tests such as ANOVA and regression is invaluable to a cognitive psychological researcher. If you are considering a graduate degree in cognitive psychology, then you have likely already taken statistics or research methods courses at the undergraduate level. Be sure to brush up on that knowledge before beginning your program, so you can hit the ground running.Computer programming skills are also an asset to a cognitive psychological researcher.

The iPhone is another option, but when it comes to completely enjoying the reading experience, you need a dedicated eBook reader, such as the Kindle 3!The new Kindle 3 features a 6.5 inch E Ink display, with better contrast than the Kindle 2. The screen resolution is 800 and it is capable of displaying 16 shades of gray. All the shades are sharp and rich, making it easier to read all sizes of text.

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