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We have so many other issues that Black Americans are fortunate enough not to have that we don view some issues in the same way.Apart from the colour of our skin we really don have any reason to group ourselves with Black Americans. We can identify as Black Africans, and they can identify as Black Americans, but we don have to lump each other together just because all of our descendants are from Africa. Amongst Africans, we typically talk more about the ethnic group or by nationality.

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But yes, a game like SCVI having a forced private room system that ultimately leads to KOTH type waiting times if you get 3 people or the like is a bad system that shouldn return. There should always be “player match” matchmaking that allows you to rematch. If you are going to use the same characters you shouldn have to go back to the character select screen, and on the same note you should have a choice to go back to character select if you do want to.(As opposed to going back the main menu and switching chars like in Tekken 7.) 1 point submitted 17 hours ago.

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